Reference Works

For nearly half a century, we have given shape to several projects in the Greater South of Tunisia with products well suited to each environment. Here are some works made concrete by our cement.

The Municipal Theater of Djerba

An outdoor theater with 3,000 seats, facing the sea. Its 7,000 square meter covered spaces will host music, dance, theater, film screenings, exhibitions, culinary events... But also meetings around exact, human and social sciences. A festive and contemporary programming around cultural life is thus planned throughout the year.

Highway Bridges and Roads

⦁ Sfax-Gabès Highway
⦁ Msaken-Sfax Highway in 2005-2006
⦁ Gabès-Médenine Highway
⦁ Sfax, Gabès, and Médenine Bypass

Clinics and Hospitals

⦁ ECHIFA Clinic Djerba.
⦁ HAMROUNI Clinic Djerba.
⦁ JABOU Clinic Zarzis.
⦁ ZITOUNA Clinic Zarzis.
⦁ Military Hospital in Sfax and Gabès.


⦁ Seawater desalination plant in Djerba.
⦁ Seawater desalination plant in ZARAT Gabès.
⦁ Ajim Djerba purification plant.
⦁ Djerba public landfill.
⦁ Zarzis public landfill.
⦁ SONEDE water reservoir in Djerba.

Supermarkets and Showrooms

⦁ Carrefour Djerba.
⦁ IHEB Center, MAHSOUNA Carrefour Complex, etc...
⦁ Carrefour Gabès.
⦁ Hyundai / Peugeot / Isuzu Showrooms in Gabès.

Hotels and Residence

⦁ LELLA MARIEM Hotel Zarzis.
⦁ ELKANTARA Hotel Djerba.
⦁ Military Residence Zarzis.
⦁ Les Oliviers Palace 4* Hotel in Sfax.
⦁ DIAR LASSOUAD Real Estate Sfax.
⦁ Central Bank in Gabès.


International Airport of Gabès – Matmata
Gabès-Matmata Airport is a Tunisian airport serving Gabès and, more generally, the southern region of Tunisia. Formerly a military airport, part of the facilities was transformed at a cost of approximately 27 million dinars to enable its civilian use starting in January 2008.
Sfax station
Sfax station, Tunisia's second-largest city and economic center, serves 900,000 inhabitants. Located in the center of the city, it serves SNCFT trains to and from Tunis in the north and Gafsa, Métlaoui and Tozeur in the south, as well as Gabès.


Extension of the Port of Gabes
The port, located in an industrial port zone shared with the town of Ghannouch, is the country's fourth largest commercial port in terms of traffic and turnover.
⦁ Zarzis Free Zone
⦁ Port of Skhira
⦁ Port of Sfax