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Société Des Ciments De Gabès- Secil Group


Société des Ciments de Gabès is a public limited company established in 1973, specializing in the production of binders (cements and artificial lime). Its plant in Gabès began production in 1977. Its primary market covers the entire southern region of Tunisia.

In 2000, the company was bought from the Tunisian state by the Portuguese group SECIL (founded in 1930), one of Portugal’s leading cement producers, with operations in 8 countries on 4 continents.

Since then, the group has continuously expanded its activities and modernized its facilities with the constant objective of producing quality cement while respecting the environment. This led to the development of SCG’s own cement brand, “ENNAKHIL,” with a production capacity of 2 million tons per year.

As one of the largest industries in the South, and in Gabès in particular, SCG provides over 500 direct and indirect jobs and contributes to the socio-economic and cultural life of the region through its ongoing support for social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities and events. This strengthens the regional identity of the company’s brand.

Focus on the site

Société des Ciments de Gabès site offers several advantages. The quarry adjacent to the plant contains high-quality limestone. The proximity to the port of Gabès allows for a significant reduction in transportation costs, making shipping the finished product very economical and competitive. Furthermore, shipping products by sea considerably reduces the environmental footprint typically associated with cement transportation. The development of the road network, particularly the new highway, allows us to market our products in southern Tunisia.

Quality Cement

The limestone from the quarry has a mineralogical content that provides a perfect balance of minerals required for producing high-performance Portland cement. Our laboratory is inspected by INNORPI (National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property) and designed to ensure real-time control, which helps us maintain the best performance of our products despite high specifications. Thanks to our regular blending process in the distribution system, our Portland cements are highly uniform, making them stand out in the industry. We obtained CE marking certification in 2022, which confirms that our cements meet the European Union’s requirements. This certification allows us to sell our products to clients operating throughout Europe.

Our identity

Our identity is built on a clear mission, an ambitious vision and core values that guide us in everything we do.


To give shape to ideas, by providing our customers with cement based solutions, our people with careers worth having, our communities with responsible citizenship and our shareholders with value.


We strive to be the preferred cement based solutions provider for our customers in the communities we serve.




Thanks to these characteristics,  Société des Ciments de Gabès is a true economic engine for the southern region of Tunisia. Our cement plant provides consumers with a stable source of high-quality cement, supported by reliable customer service in all the markets where it operates.

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