Information System

Société Des Ciments De Gabès- Secil Group

Information System

The information system is at the heart of the company’s decision-making process and, in this instance, at the heart of our CSR policy. The cross-functional nature of digital technology and the value it creates are giving rise to new social, societal and environmental challenges.

We are therefore committed to

  1. Reduce the environmental footprint of IT equipment and explore new avenues in this area by : 
    • Support teleworking within the Group.
    • Optimize energy consumption.
    • Encourage research and support industry efforts to harmonize environmental impact assessment methods.
    • Promote access to eco-efficient mobile networks;
    • Anticipating and maximizing the benefits of cloud computing;

 2. Maintain “ethical” management of data, which may be confidential.

 3. Exploiting data to facilitate internal decision-making (investments, performance management, etc.) or external decision-making (big data projects, open data, open innovation, etc.).