Social and solidarity

Société Des Ciments De Gabès- Groupe Secil

Social and Solidarity

As a community entity, SCG contributes to the improvement and well-being of the social environment of the southern region, creating opportunities for economic and social development through the following commitments:

  • Integration: Respecting, supporting and promoting local culture, regulations and the preservation of the local environment.

    Collaboration: Maintain a constant dialogue with the local community and social agents in order to understand their needs and contribute to their progress through responsible actions.

    Purchasing: Encourage the purchase of local products to strengthen the economic and social development of the community, provided they meet quality, price, health and safety standards.

    Employment: Encourage the recruitment of local staff, particularly from vulnerable groups, in order to promote the development of the region, and strive to enrich the cultural diversity of our teams and ensure a better quality of life at work.

    Social investment: implementing a strategy of working with social entities to assess their needs, with the aim of combating poverty and inequality in the region.